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5 things to do during the rainy season in Thailand

by Pierre To
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5 things to do during the rainy season in Thailand

The rainy season is not that bad in Thailand, it doesn't rain every day and there are many activities to do when it rains.

The mention of "rainy season" in Thailand brings a sense of dread to most tourists and visitors who imagine an endless deluge of water falling from the sky for days and days.

This is a common misconception among holidaymakers.

Yes, it's raining and there will be days when the weather disrupts your holiday, but that won't stop you having a good time.

Nothing to do with the monsoon season in India.

And the "monsoon season" has been here for a few days.

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The rainy season in Thailand is caused by the southwest monsoon, which comes from the Indian Ocean.

The moist air moves northeastward across Thailand from the Andaman Sea and is sucked into the void left by the warm air rising over the Southeast Asian landmass.

The monsoon also coincides with Thailand's location in the Southeast Asian tropical rain belt, the Intertropical Convergence Zone.

It is also a good time to take advantage of discounted hotels.

Here are some activities you can do in Thailand at the beginning of the monsoon season.

1. Relaxing in a café

Cafe Thailand

Thai coffee. Photo: Wiroj

The weather may prevent you from visiting your ideal destination, but consider it a perfect opportunity to try out Thailand's café scene.

It has been booming in recent years and many themed cafes have sprung up, offering a picturesque interior perfect for selfies or a photo shoot.

If you don't like taking pictures, that's okay, just sit back, relax and drink your favourite cup of coffee.

If you are travelling with someone who has a sweet tooth, every coffee will have something to satisfy that craving.

Also consider this an opportunity to plan in advance what you want to do in Thailand.

Most cafes have wifi, and you can also look up the best rainy weather activities in your area.

2. Shopping

Central Phuket

Central Phuket shopping centre. Photo: Central Pattana

Thailand has a number of huge, attractive shopping malls, and they are not about to disappear.

The locals love their shopping centres, and you can find them flocking to them at every opportunity.

Whether after work or at the weekend.

The shopping malls are particularly visited by Thai people on hot days (to take advantage of the air conditioning) or on rainy days.

They have everything you need, from tempting restaurants to designer boutiques to lesser-known branded clothing shops.

If you are in BangkokEach shopping centre reveals something special.

Siam Paragon has an aquarium and bowling alley, perfect for families and couples; MBK Center has an arcade; EmQuartier has BOUNCE, an indoor trampoline park, while each floor of the 9-storey Terminal 21 shopping mall is decorated and themed on the world's most famous shopping streets.

3. Enjoying a Thai massage

Traditional Thai medicine massage

Thai massage. Photo: Tourism Thailand

What better way to spend your holiday after a long journey than to relax your muscles?

Spa treatments and massages are extremely popular in Thailand.

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Most hotels have special promotions or offers.

Choose a Thai massage parlour wisely, especially if you are travelling with a family or significant other.

Some places may look like a typical Thai massage parlour, but once inside, they offer 'special massages' of the erotic kind.

You can also take the opportunity to learn Thai massage.

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4. Learn Thai cooking

Chicken satay skewers

Chicken satay skewers. Photo: Huahom

Thai food is renowned around the world for its exceptional taste and flavour.

Taking a cooking class or course is a great way to spend a rainy day and gain a better understanding of Thai culture by learning how to prepare popular dishes.

There are a number of great cooking schools that can teach you to prepare everything from pad thai to spring rolls and soup. tom yam.

Some cooking classes will take you through the entire preparation process, including a visit to the local market to buy fresh ingredients.

The best part, of course, is that you get to eat your food at the end of the lesson.

See our category Thai cuisine.

5. Learning to meditate in a meditation centre


Woman meditating. Photo : Lograstudio

Meditation is an exercise for people of all backgrounds and religions and can be practised in everyday life, as it helps to find inner peace, a state of perfect tranquillity, beyond material satisfactions.

Meditation will also bring you a lot.

It helps to find calm and serenity, makes you more creative, gives you energy, helps you to manage stress better, helps you to make the right decisions and can also lead you to enlightenment!

A study cited in Annals of family medicine in adults aged 50 or over showed that it was almost as effective as exercise in combating acute respiratory infections such as colds and flu.

It also helps to cure anxiety and depression and will protect you from Alzheimer's disease.

It is an experience that will be extremely beneficial, especially if you continue to practice at home afterwards.

To find meditation centres:

Practising meditation at a centre in Thailand

To learn by yourself :

Learn to meditate: complete meditation course

Source: The Thaiger

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