Electronic cigarettes are banned in Thailand

Tourism authorities announce that electronic cigarette are officially banned in Thailand.

An article from the TAT, the Thai tourism authorities of September 22, 2017, but still valid in 2019:

Enjoy your holiday in Thailand, but leave the electronic cigarettes at home. They’re illegal here.

While electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are used all over the world to help people quit smoking, travelers to Thailand should be aware that these devices are, in fact, illegal in the kingdom.

Anyone who violates this law by using an electronic cigarette in Thailand may be arrested and face a prison sentence or fines!

This applies to both foreigners and Thais.

There have recently been incidents of foreign travelers who were unaware of the ban on electronic cigarettes in Thailand and who were arrested.

Why ban electronic cigarettes in Thailand?

Many may wonder why a device designed to help people quit smoking is prohibited.

A government spokesman said the ban was introduced for health reasons and that it was initially suggested because electronic cigarettes attracted young people to smoking.

Personal note (PierreTo): I quit smoking more than three years ago, and before I finished smoking, I switched to the electronic cigarette.

I find this law unfair, but I must admit that every time I talked to Thai friends, with my two e-cigarettes, there was always one to ask me for, and it went from mouth to mouth, and even non-smokers wanted to try.

The ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in Thailand has been in place since 2014

Thus, persons who wish to travel to Thailand are advised not to bring electronic cigarettes or any items or equipment associated with electronic cigarettes, such as the liquids used in the device.

Similarly, travel agents or tour operators selling destinations should ensure that their customers are aware of the electronic cigarette ban in Thailand.


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