Cost of living in Thailand

Everyday life prices in detail, to get an idea of the cost of living in Thailand before a trip or expatriation project: food, accommodation, entertainment.

Life was cheap in Thailand, but today, with the rise of baht, we can no longer enjoy it as much as before.

Nevertheless, Thailand remains a country where the cost of living is low compared to the West.

And you can still live there for less if you avoid the tourist areas and eat in the restaurants where the Thai people go.

Prices vary from one region to another, feel free to make corrections or updates using the comments below the article.

Cost of living in Thailand: grocery store

Average water bottle: 5 baht

Mineral water 1.5 liters: 15 baht

Fruit juice 1.5 liters: 70 baht

Bottle of milk 1 liter: 55 baht

Water in a 20-liter bottle: 20 baht (the set point for the first bottle is 100 baht)

Ice cube bag in mini-market: 5 to 10 baht

Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, and other soda: 20 baht (updated 2017)

Beer in a can: 40 to 70 baht (updated 2017)

Large beer bottle: depending on the brand, from 25 to 90 baht

Half bottle of Sang Som rum Som: 140 baht

Instant noodle package: 6 to 20 baht

One packet of chips of average size = 20 baht

A bottle of vitamin drink with caffeine (M150, Red bull…) = 10 baht

Small bag of biscuit = 5 baht

One canned Camembert = 200 baht

Waterproof (rain protection made of fine plastic) = 15 baht

12 eggs = 50 baht (updated 2017)

Cost of living in Thailand: tobacco and cigarettes

Brown rolling tobacco: from 5 baht

Rolling cigarette paper sheet (without glue): 1 baht

Marlboro cigarette: 125 baht/package (updated 2017)

LM Cigarette: 85 baht/package (updated 2017)

Krong Thip: 96 baht

Mild Seven cigarette: 95 baht

You can also buy cigarettes by the unit.

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Miscellaneous living costs

For each withdrawal at an ATM, you will have to pay a tax of 200 baht

Film screening at the MBK: 200 baht

Introductory diving session: 2000 baht

Cyber coffee: 15 to 30 baht/hour

Tips in Thailand

It is not in the habits of the country except in chic places, massage parlors, trendy bars, and karaoke.

Example of a tip you can leave if you are satisfied with the service:

In a restaurant: 10/20 baht

In the taxi: they often say they don’t have the change to get more

At the hotel 10 to 20 baht for the baggage handler and the maid

After a massage: 40 to 50 baht

For a guide: 50 to 100 baht for a short visit.

For a woman in karaoke who sit with you to discuss and serve drinks: 100 to 200 baht

Cost of living in Thailand: Thai massage

In tourist areas like Koh Samui massages price between 600 and 1000 baht.

In other places:

200 to 300 baht per hour for a foot or body massage

from 300 baht to more for an oil massage

Tips: it is customary if the massage has been well done, to leave a tip of about 40/50 baht to the masseuse.

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Cost of living at the coffee

All the drinks below are between 50 and 80 baht minimum in tourist areas, but of better quality too.

Coffee, hot or iced chocolate: 20 to 60 baht

Fruit juice in a blender: 25 to 60 baht

Green tea, lemon or other: 15 to 40 baht

Cost of living in Thailand: restaurant

Meal, drink in:

A street food restaurant: from 40 baht/per (updated 2018)

A small Thai restaurant: 90 baht/per

A foreign restaurant: 200 to 400 baht/per

In detail:

Water bottle: 15 to 30 baht

Coke and other soda: 10 to 20 baht

Beer bottle: 35 to 60 baht

Beer can: 40 baht

Noodle soup: 15 to 30 baht

A simple dish with rice or noodle: from 25 to 50 baht

Thai specialty dish: 30 to 80 baht

Western meal: 80 to 400 baht

A Thai pizza (mayonnaise replaces cheese): from 70 baht

A Western pizza: from 150 baht

Kebab: 60 baht

Lasagna dish: 150 baht

McDo: 90 baht

A plate of French fries: 70 to 90 baht

Cost of living: bars-restaurants-concert, karaoke, kaafe

A Kaafe is an establishment where singers take turns singing and where you can buy a flower necklace from the artist of your choice. 

Usually, if we buy a flower necklace, the singer will come and sit at our table for a talk.

A large bottle of beer: Count from 140 to 200 baht (updated 2017)

Bucket with ice cubes: 20 baht

A karaoke song: 5 to 10 baht

A necklace offered to the singer: 20 baht (often sold by 5, 100 baht, therefore)

The glass provided to an attendant: 30 to 150 baht

The dish (aperitif and others): 70 to 250 baht

Hotel, guest-house, camping

The comfort and hygiene of low-cost hotels are random. 

I have sometimes paid 200 baht for a large modern room with a small lounge and TV in a small town.

Superior category hotels: between 2500 baht and 4000 baht/room

Medium category hotels: between 400 baht and 1000 baht/room

Cheap hotels: between 150 baht and 350 baht/room

Guest-house: between 150 baht and 600 baht

A camping place in the national parks: 60 bahts/night (rental of camping equipment: 300 bahts/night)

The easiest way to find out the price of a hotel is to go directly to an online reservation site:

You can compare the largest travel sites in a single search to find the best hotel offers with

Cost of living in Thailand: renting an apartment or house

The low prices displayed are those found in most of the country, in tourist areas and some large cities it is much more expensive, as in Bangkok.

Rental in provincial and village cities

Furnished garage-style apartment (in Thai: hong teou) with kitchenette, bathroom (room with Turkish toilet and tap, shower bowl container for the first prices): from 1500 to 4000 baht.

Small apartment with TV (cable), air conditioning, from 3000 baht, there are many very comfortable from 4000/5000 baht.

House in town: from 3000 baht for a Thai-style house, from 5000 baht for a house more adapted to Western comfort

Country house: from 1500 for a straightforward home and 2500 baht for a simple house with garden, from 4000 baht for a house equipped in the West (sink, shower, kitchenette, air conditioning).

Accommodation in Bangkok

Apartment without extra, without air conditioning, in a building: around 3500 to 6500 baht per month.

Small furnished and equipped apartment: between 5000 and 10 000 baht per month

To get an idea of the price of housing in Bangkok to see this site:

Water bill in Thailand

From 60 to 300 baht.

The cost of water has always been meager, it was even free when a certain level not exceeded, but it was non-potable water since water treatment is evolving in many regions, prices are rising.

Electricity costs in Thailand

300/400 baht per month for a small consumption without air conditioning.

More than 1000 baht with air conditioning.

(Electricity scams are frequent and easy for Thai people to organize with the guy who comes to read the meter, be careful not to pay for your neighbors)

Cost of living in Thailand: Telephone and internet

Fixed: 109 Baht / month + communication

ADSL internet subscription: from 590 baht

Unlimited 3G Internet, 5 GB: 980 baht

Mobile phone: from 1000 baht

The prepaid SIM card: 300 bahts

Refills cost 50, 100, 150, 150, 300, or 500 baht

National call: 3 baht/minute

International call: 7 baht/minute


To send a postcard: the price is 20 – 25 baht

To send a parcel or document urgently with EMS (3/5 days to Europe): 1100 baht for the first kilo then 250 baht for each additional kilo.

Educational costs

Thai course: 120 hours + One-year student visa = 17000 to 25000 Bahts (the visa extension to be done every three months costs 1900 Bahts)

Foreign school: 250,000 baht/year per child

International schools: between 2,000 and 20,000 euros per year

Cost of living in Thailand: transport

If you want to know the price of transport by plane, train, bus, boat inside Thailand or in the surrounding countries::

Powered by 12Go Asia system

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The average price of transport in Thailand

Songtaew (pickup taxi): 10 to 30 Bahts, more than 50 Bahts for private use

Motorcycle taxi: between 20 and 100 Bahts (travel in a medium city, more expensive in Bangkok)

Tuk-tuk: An average trip costs 40 to 100 baht

Taxi: 35 baht for the first two kilometers then 4.5 baht for each subsequent kilometer (an additional 1.3 baht/minute is added in case of waiting or congestion)

Average travel in Bangkok: less than 100 baht

Private taxi: from 150 baht

Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road: 300 – 400 baht

Underground metro

A ticket costs between 16 and 41 baht depending on the distance of the journey


The price of a ticket is from 10 to 40 baht depending on the length of the trip

Urban bus

Regular buses (not air-conditioned) cost in the 10 bahts

Air-conditioned buses cost in the 24 fixed bahts

Minibusses require in the 20 flat-rate bahts


The average rate is between 1 and 2 baht per kilometer driven.

Ex: Bangkok Chiang Mai trip in first class: 750 baht


Bangkok – Chiang Mai: 1300 baht in first-class; 550 to 850 baht in second class

Bangkok – Surathani: 1200 baht in first-class; 500 to 800 baht in second class

Thailand Rail Pass: 3000 bahts/adult; 1500 bahts/child

Renting a motorcycle

From 150/200 baht per day for a scooter

About 600 baht for a Honda CB 400 motorcycle

Fuel for a motorbike

From 120 to 200 baht

Buy a motorcycle

From 3000 baht (old used vehicle)

Between 15000 and 25000 baht, you can find good used motorcycles that you can sell without too much loss if you have to go back.

Motorcycle insurance + sticker: 400 bahts/year

Technical inspection: 100 bahts/year

Rent a car

From 1000 baht per day

Buy a car

From 70,000 baht (second-hand)

Insurance: 18000 baht/year

Sticker: 1513 baht/year

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Settled in Thailand since a few years (with trips to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia), I love this country and its inhabitants, the real country of Smiles! Sorry for any translation errors that may occur. Feel free to mention them in the comments, I will correct them. Thank you.

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