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Pad Thai: Thai fried noodles recipe

Pad Thai is a traditional Thai dish made with fried rice noodles; here is the easy recipe to make a…

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10 best Thai dishes: what to eat in Thailand

It is difficult to know what to eat in Thailand when you don’t know Thai cuisine, here are ten best…

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14 of the best fruits from Thailand with Thai name

Thailand is also the land of fruits; you will find some already cut or peeled everywhere, sold for a small…

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Massaman Curry: the recipe for one of the best Thai curries

Massaman curry is for many lovers of Thai cuisine, one of the best curries, it is also, in general, less…

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Khao Soy: curry noodle soup, Chiang Mai’s delight

Khao Soy is a delicious curry soup with wheat noodles and chicken, a typical dish from northwest Thailand. It would…

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The Thai Fried Rice Recipe: Khao Pad (ข้าวผัด)

Fried rice or Khao pad, is a very simple and delicious dish, it is certainly the most common food in…

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Vegetarianism in Thailand

Already convinced of vegetarianism when I moved to Thailand a few years ago, I was wondering before arriving on how…

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Red curry chicken “Kaeng phed kai”, the easy recipe

Here is a recipe for red curry chicken, a popular and easy to make Thai dish for those who love…

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Sticky rice with mango and coconut milk: Khao Niao Ma Mouang

Sticky rice with mango and coconut milk is a delicious Thai dessert. It may seem strange to eat mango with…

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Thai Rice Soup Recipe: Khao Tom

Khao Tom (in Thai: ข้าวตข้าวต้ม) is a rice soup that can be made with pork (Khao tom mou), chicken (kaï),…

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Stir-fried tofu with soya sprouts: the recipe

Soybean sprout tofu is a small, simple, fresh, and slightly crispy dish, which is usually eaten as an accompaniment to…

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How to make soybean shoots at home, the easy way

Here, explained step by step, is the simple method of making soya sprouts at home, an easy and economical solution…

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