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Dengue can be treated with papaya leaf juice!

by Pierre To
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Dengue can be treated with papaya leaf juice

According to Indian researchers, dengue fever can be cured just with papaya leaf juice, here is the description of the preparation.

You will also find in the comments below the article, many testimonies of people infected with dengue whose condition improved significantly when they used this remedy.

Dengue in Thailand

In recent years, dengue fever has taken a heavy toll in ThailandAccording to the Ministry of Health's Epidemic Bureau, the number of people affected by dengue fever in Thailand in 2016 rose sharply to 54,000 cases, including 51 deaths.

The dengue fever affected all 77 Thai provinces, with a record contamination rate in Mae Hong Song (388/100,000 inhabitants), Chiang MaiSongkla, Pattalung and Pattani.

Reminder: Dengue fever, also known as 'dengue fever', is a disease that can be transmitted through the bloodstream. tropical flu "is a viral disease transmitted to humans by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes.

The WHO estimates that there are 50 million cases worldwide each year, with 500,000 people affected by haemorrhagic dengue which is fatal in more than 20 % of cases.

But now we learn that there is a treatment that was known in traditional medicine in some countries and that has been rediscovered in India by researchers and tested by doctors and medical experts.

This remedy is the papaya leaf juice !

The symptoms of dengue

Classic dengue

Classic" dengue fever manifests itself suddenly after 2 to 7 days of incubation with the onset of high fever often accompanied by headaches, nausea, vomiting, joint and muscle pain and a measles-like rash.

After 3 to 4 days, there is a brief remission, then symptoms intensify - conjunctival haemorrhages, nosebleeds or bruising may occur - before rapidly regressing after a week.

Recovery is accompanied by a two-week convalescence.

Classical dengue is not considered a severe disease as is dengue haemorrhagic fever.

Dengue haemorrhagic fever

In some patients, the clinical picture of the disease can evolve into two severe forms: dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome, which is fatal.

The haemorrhagic form of the disease, which accounts for about 1 % of dengue cases worldwide, is extremely severe: fever persists and multiple haemorrhages, including gastrointestinal, skin and brain haemorrhages, often occur.

However, especially in children under 15 years of age, hypovolaemic shock may occur (chills, clammy skin and an imperceptible pulse indicating circulatory failure), leading to abdominal pain and, without infusion, death.

A natural and effective solution for dengue fever

If you have the symptoms, see your doctor to confirm, follow his recommendations, and as there are no contraindications except if you are pregnant, there is nothing to stop you from trying this solution:

Recently, tests with papaya leaf juice were performed in India on dengue patients, and a clear increase in platelets was observed within 24 hours, followed by a significant improvement in the health of these patients.

The same researchers discovered that papaya leaves have powerful properties that help fight malaria and cancer.

Is papaya leaf safe?

According to a study conducted by American and Japanese researchers, there are no known toxic effects of papaya leaves and there are no side effects from their consumption either.

Some American doctors have even begun to recommend papaya leaf tea as part of chemotherapy.

It is just better to avoid using it in case of pregnancy, as papain could have an abortifacient effect (but in the comments on the video below, a pregnant woman tells us that she treated herself with this method without any problem).

Preparation of papaya leaf juice to treat dengue

Important: the leaf must be raw, not cooked or boiled.

Choose clean, undamaged papaya leaves and remove the thick, fibrous parts and stems from the leaves.

Squeeze or crush the leaves (with a press or mortar) and strain them through a filter to keep only the juice.

One papaya leaf yields about one tablespoon of juice.

Recommended doses for treating dengue : 2 tablespoons of papaya leaf juice 3 times a day.

If you don't want to strain yourself or if you want to make a lot of juice, you will need to find an electric juicer (see on Amazon) or manual (see on Amazon).

Videos showing the preparation of papaya leaf juice to treat dengue

According to a Mauritian herbalist (in a video that has been deleted), papaya leaf juice could also cure Zika and Chikungunya.

And for malaria, the best treatment is also natural, it is Artemisia Annua.

Papaya has many other medicinal properties, which you can discover in our article :
Papaya and its fruit, the papaya, use and medicinal properties


Testimonies of people who have treated dengue with papaya leaves from comments on the original article or the video :

Thomas :

Unbelievable but true!
It works !!!!
No fever at all!
And the platelets have stopped falling at great speed!
She was losing 80,000 platelets a day.
This morning, 12 hours after taking the serum. She has recreated 30'000 platelets!
Let's keep going! And we move on

Klouten Kay :

Four years ago I had dengue fever for four days and was so weak I could hardly walk.

Then I made the papaya leaf extract and took it. After 2 servings, I immediately saw the difference.

My fever subsided and I started to regain my strength.

*Really great, the nature cure is the best cure!

Nick Gordon :

3 years ago my wife was in hospital with dengue, after following this recipe and giving it to her she was able to go home the next day. Thank you very much!

Sai Kyo :

This video saved another life, ME ....

Thank you very much, words cannot express my gratitude...

kate long :

My wife just had dengue and this shit works, it took three days and her platelets are normal: 238

Hemant Hajare

Thank you very much for uploading this video. My little brother has Dengue fever.

His platelet count was 1.25000 5 days later.

Yesterday it fell to 51,000.

After giving papaya leaf juice today, her platelet count is up to 52,000.

1000 platelets increased in only 8 hours! I can't thank this miraculous natural remedy enough. Once again thank you so much 🙂

Cris Torrejas

I was in a critical line between 6 and 7 months pregnant, I can't take any medication in hospital for a week and the platelet count has been rising and falling all the time.

The three doctors present told me to get the baby out of me, dead or alive.

Because they were not in a stable state. I secretly took 1 glass of this papaya leaf juice every 10 minutes until I finished 1 litre.

In the early afternoon, another blood test and a blood count.

My platelets went up until another lab test and then I was stable for three days.

This idea helped me and my baby.

I have not taken any medication other than the green juice from the papaya leaves, except for the 10,000 ml of dextrose that I have consumed. It helps me.

Na † su Gaming:

I had dengue 5 times in my life and the only time I didn't need to go to hospital was when my grandmother made this preparation, after two days I was cured!

Thank you for this.

Nathalie :

Can the preparation be made and stored in the fridge?

And how long does the treatment last?

Hello Nathalie,

Yes, I think it is possible to make the preparation and keep it cool.

People take them until they are cured.

Afterwards, as with all "medicinal remedies", I must advise you to seek the advice of your doctor.

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