Three-year-old twins married to ward off a curse in Thailand

Parents organized a wedding ceremony for their three-year-old twins who would have been soul mates in another life.

Teekatatat and Tawisa Hiranmekawanit are brothers and sisters, but yet they have just been declared husband and wife after a traditional ceremony in Ang Thong province (north of Bangkok).

It is, of course, a traditional and unofficial marriage, it has no legal value, and twins will be free to marry the person of their choice when they are adults.

A marriage to avoid the death of one of the twins

The parents explained that they had made this strange decision to avoid bad luck because, according to them, the little ones would have been soul mates in another life and would have been separated by a tragedy, they would then reincarnate together in the bodies of these twins.

For the mother, without this marriage, one of them could have died, she stated, based on an ancient belief, that it was important for the angels to see that the twins were forever united by the bonds of marriage.

The local community helped organize the ceremony; the two twins were dressed in traditional wedding clothes, and the boy even gave a “sinsod” (the dowry made by the men to the bride’s family) of 22,000 Thai baht and 30.5 g of 23-carat gold.

The traditional explanation of twin marriage

Found on a book on customs and superstitions in Cambodia:

“If you have twins of different sexes, you must marry them together immediately after birth.

Because they are considered to have been husbands and wives in a previous life and should not be separated to avoid their death.

When they grow up, they can marry someone else.”

Reincarnation, a certainty for Buddhists

Buddhism teaches that man is reincarnated continuously and that the quality of his present life is linked to his Karma, good and bad deeds that he has done in his other lives.

The purpose of life is to free oneself, to leave this cycle, Samsara, and to reach Nirvana, like the Buddha.

It should be noted that there are many testimonies of reincarnation told by children under 5 years old, often after 5 years, they forget their former lives.


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