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Public holidays in Thailand, important dates in 2023

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Public holidays in Thailand, important dates in 2023

The main public holidays in Thailand in 2023, to have an overview of the days when administrations, banks, shops, may be closed.

To find out about all the upcoming events by month (parties, festivals, exhibitions, sports events, etc.) see our Calendar of festivals in Thailand.

Note: In Thailand, there are two calendars, the Western Christian calendar and the Buddhist calendar, which begins 543 years earlier.

All public holidays 2023 in Thailand

1 January 2023: New Year's Eve - Public Holiday -

Just like at home and all over the world.

2 January (Monday) New Year's Day: alternative public holiday

As New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, the holiday is moved to Monday.

14 January 2023: Children's Day

And yes, in Thailand, children also have the right to a party (in our country it is Christmas).

Children's Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in January.

Open doors, shows and other activities are organised for the little ones, making it an opportunity for family outings.

See : National Children's Day in Thailand

16 January 2023: Teachers' Day

On Teachers' Day, pupils pay their respects to teachers by giving them flowers and making the "traditional "wai.

In some schools there are also performances.

See : Teachers' Day in Thailand

22 January 2023: Chinese New Year

Thai people and the Chinese community in the country celebrate the Chinese New Year for 3 days.

During this period, China is highlighted in the big cities with lots of red decorations, vegetarian food stalls, lots of fireworks and the famous dragon dances.

See : Chinese New Year 2023 in Thailand

6 February: Muay Thai Day

Muay Thai Day is celebrated every year on 6 February.

This day honours King Sanphet 8th of the Ayutthaya era, who is considered the father of the nation's traditional martial art.

14 February 2023: Valentine's Day

Lovers' Day throughout the country.

In the Trang area, they hold underwater weddings every year on this occasion.

See our article :
Wedding underwater at 12 metres depth in Thailand

6 March 2023: Makha Bucha - Public Holiday -

Makha Busha is a festival commemorating the day when 1,250 disciples spontaneously gathered to hear the first sermon of Buddha defining the fundamental principles of the Buddhism.

See our article :
Makha Bucha day, an important Buddhist festival in Thailand

6 April 2023 Chakri Day - Public Holiday -

The anniversary of the coronation of the first king of the Chakri dynasty, of which the current king is the tenth representative, Rama X.

This day also commemorates the beginning of the Rattanakosin era with Bangkok as the capital of the kingdom.

On this occasion, a ceremony is held with the royal family in the temple Wat Phra Keo, à Bangkok.

See : 6 April Chakri Day

13 to 16 April 2023, Songkran: Thai New Year - Public holiday -

Thai New Year is celebrated throughout the country from 13 to 16 April, with dates varying from province to province.

It is one of the most important festivals and the occasion for great water fights.

See our article : Songkran, the Thai New Year

1 May: Labour Day - Public Holiday -

Workers' Day as in many countries.

4 May: Coronation Day - Public holiday

King Rama X was crowned on 4 May 2019.

See : 4 May: King Rama X's coronation day - public holiday

11 May: Royal Labour Day ceremony - Public holiday

The Royal Ploughing Ceremony marks the official start of the rice transplanting season and aims to promote a good harvest.

This Brahmanical and Buddhist rite takes place every year in May, the date being fixed by the court astrologers.

See : Royal Labour Ceremony in Thailand in 2023 - public holiday

3 June: Visakha Bucha 2023 - Public holiday -

Visakha Busha is the most important religious ceremony in the country, commemorating Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death.

Religious ceremonies are organised in all the temples of the country.

See : Visakha Bucha, Buddhist festival

3 June: Queen Suthida's birthday

Birthday of the new Queen of Thailand, wife of King Rama X.

See : 3 June: Queen Suthida's birthday

5 June: Visakha Bucha holiday

As Visakha Bucha falls on a Saturday, the holiday is postponed to Monday 5 June.

28 July, HM King Vajiralongkorn's birthday - Public holiday -

DM's birthday Rama X, King of Thailand.

See :
Birthday of the King of Thailand: Maha Vajiralongkorn

1 August: Asahna Bucha 2023 - Public holiday -

On the full moon day in July, Asahna Bucha, a Buddhist religious festival celebrating the first sermon of Buddha, is celebrated.

It is one of the most important Buddhist festivals.

See : Asahna Bucha: Buddhist festival and public holiday

2 August: Khao Phansa 2022

Khao Phansa begins just after Asahara Bucha, which is the Buddhist Lent, a three-month retreat period for monks.

During this period, many young people became monks.

It is also the time when Thai people make good resolutions, such as stopping drinking, smoking, going on a diet...

See :
Khao Phansa: Thailand's "Buddhist Lent

12 August: Queen Mother Sirikit's Birthday and Mother's Day - Public Holiday -

Mother's Day in Thailand was timed to coincide with the birthday of Queen Sirikitmother of the current King of Thailand.

As the Queen was born on a Friday, the Thai people dress in blue as a mark of respect.

For more information see :
12 August: Queen Sirikit's birthday and Mother's Day
In Thailand there is a colour for each day of the week

14 August: Queen Mother Sirikit's birthday and Mother's Day holiday

As 12 August falls on a Saturday, the public holiday is postponed to Monday 14 August.

13 October 2022, the date of the death of HM King Bhumibol - Public Holiday -

Rama IX, the former King of Thailand died on Thursday 13 October 2016.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej is gone, Thailand mourns

23 October: Chulalongkorn Day

On the day of the death of Rama V, Chulalongkorn a king who is still loved and revered by the Thai people, he is considered the king who opened the country to modernity.

28 October: Ok Phansa 2023

It is the end of the Buddhist Lent, Khao Phansa.

On Ok Phansa day, Buddhists go to various temples to make offerings, including monastic vestments.

28 November 2023: Loy Krathong

Thai girls with their Kratong

Thai girls with their Kratongs

The end of the rainy season is celebrated on the full moon day in November.

It is one of the most beautiful festivals in the country, beauty contests are organized as well as the contest of the most beautiful krathong (small flowered raft), the stretches of water are illuminated by the candles of the rafts and the sky is illuminated by thousands of Thai lanterns.

See our article : Loy Kratong, the Festival of Lights

5 December: King Rama IX's birthday and Father's Day - Public Holiday -

On the birthday of the late King Rama IX.

It is also Father's Day, a bank holiday.

As the king was born on a Monday, the Thai people wear yellow clothes to honour him (see here on colours).

See : Birthday of the late King Rama IX and Father's Day in Thailand: 5 December

10 December: Constitution Day - Public Holiday -

Commemorates Thailand's first constitution of 1932 which changed the country from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.

see : 10 December: Constitution Day in Thailand

25 December 2023 Christmas

In the villages, nothing happens on this occasion, but in the big cities and mainly in the shopping centres, Christmas is celebrated.

On this occasion, the supermarket employees are dressed in white and red caps and the song Jingle Bells is played on a loop.

31 December: New Year's Eve - Public Holiday -

New Year's Eve, celebrated in Thailand as elsewhere, even if in the countryside it is not an important holiday.

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Photos: Songkran: JJ Harisson

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