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Resident in Thailand: how to complete the TM 30 form

by Pierre To
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TM 30

If you are resident in Thailand, here are the Thai immigration authorities' recommendations for completing form TM 30.

What is form TM 30?

According to Section 37 of the Thai Immigration Code, a foreigner residing in Thailand must report to immigration if he or she visits another province for more than 24 hours.

The form TM 30 concerns the obligation of the landlord (or householder, owner, responsible) to report the stay of a foreigner (non-Thai national) in his premises.

This measure has existed since 1979, but was not strictly applied.

But the government has just started to apply it more strictly and this complicates life for foreigners living in Thailand.

It's also a way for Thailand's leaders to make it clear that they don't want any more foreign expatriates, apart from qualified people who bring something to the country.

Why do foreign residents have to apply the TM 30 form?

The aim of these regulations is to enable the Thai authorities to know where each foreigner is at all times.

Reporting a non-Thai national's stay must be done within 24 hours and failure to report can result in a fine of 1,600 baht per person.

The responsibility for reporting the stay of a foreigner lies with the host: the owner of a property, hotel or service flat (Air BnB).

However, if you are a guest or a tenant, this form TM.30 is also relevant to you.

As a tenant (or guest), you may also be fined instead of the landlord if your report is not made.

How do you signal with the TM 30?

As a foreigner staying in Thailand, you should prepare :

  1. a copy of your passport (photo page)
  2. a copy of the visa page in your passport
  3. a copy of the departure card (or note the number on the copy of your passport)

The owner must prepare :

  1. a copy of the title of the property
  2. a copy of the rental agreement

The owner or property manager must go to the immigration office, complete form TM 30 and submit the above documents.

After registration, the owner must obtain a stamped return slip which the tenant (guest) must use to go to immigration.

The owner can normally register online on this site but users have reported many bugs.

IMPORTANT: You must register each time you leave Thailand and return with a new departure card in your passport.

You must then be declared again, because your starting card number has changed.

According to Thai law, even without leaving the country, a foreigner must always be reported every time he/she moves, even if it is only for one day.

So if you are travelling for a weekend and then return to your main location, you need to be reported again.


You do not have to register if you are the owner of your home or a co-owner.

Photo of TM 30 form

Form TM 30

You can download the form TM 30 in PDF here.

See theImmigration Act in English.

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Source: Gavrochechiangmailocator.com

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