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Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, complete guide

Khao Yai National Park is a must for all nature lovers who are in travel to Thailand; it is one of the largest and most renowned parks in the country.


Located less than 3 hours by road from Bangkok (200km), Khao Yai National Park captivates visitors with its beauty and the richness of its flora and fauna.

The park covers an area of 2,168 km² and straddles four provinces: Nakhon Ratchasima, Saraburi, Prachinburi and Nakhon Nayok.

Situation of Khao Yai ParkIt is home to the largest monsoon forest on the Asian continent and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an ASEAN National Heritage Site.

Khao Yai Park has more than 2000 plant species, and as the park reaches an altitude of 1351m, different species can be distinguished according to elevation:

rain forests, mixed, persistent, deciduous, deciduous.

The highest peak is Khao Rom (1,351 m).

There are also many waterfalls including the famous Haew Narok and Haew Suwat Falls which were used to shoot the film “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Cascade de Haeo SuwatHeo Suwat’s (or haew Suwat’s) fall

The fauna of Khao Yai


The park has nearly 70 mammal species including 250 wild elephants, leopards, deer, bears, tigers, wild pigs, monkeys, gibbons, and rare cave bat species.

The danger of wild elephants

Falling on wild elephants can be a wonderful experience but can also be dangerous.

Here is a video giving some advice in case of encounters with wild elephants:

In the video below, they meet elephants, and there is no problem (2 days in the jungle).


There are about 300 species of birds, including different types of hornbill, redheaded trogons and spider beards.

Insects, reptiles, and others…

There are also, of course, many species of spiders, ants, worms as well as snakes, monitors and crocodiles in the forests with which it is not advisable to take selfies!

See this info that happened in Khao Yai:
A French woman bitten by a Crocodile while trying to take a selfie

Practical information

The entrance to the park costs 400 baht for an adult and 200 baht for a child.

You can then stay in the park for as long as you want and are only required to pay again if you come out.

Do not come in a sandal, bring closed hiking shoes and long pants to protect yourself from snakes but especially from leeches.

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Dangerous animals to know in Thailand

Park entrance and reception

The first thing you will see after entering the park from the north is an altar dedicated to Chao Por Khao Yai (the sacred spirit of Khao Yai).

You can light incense and kneel like Thai visitors to ask the mind to protect you, not to be eaten by a tiger, crocodile or crushed by an elephant;).

The visitor center is located 15 kilometers south of the north gate.

English-speaking employees offer maps as well as information on guides, accommodation, and hikes.

You will also find bicycles for rent, a food court, a gift shop, and a museum.

You can do many walks by yourself, but it is advisable to take a guide for the long routes and also to see more animals, it usually costs 500 baht for the day.

Finding a hotel in Khao Yai

You will find the best quality/price ratio by comparing offers from the main booking sites via our partner

Access to Khao Yai National Park

The small town of Pak Chong in the north serves as a gateway to Khao Yai National Park and is easily accessible from the capital.

The park’s southern gateway seems closer to Bangkok, but since there is no direct highway, fewer accommodation options, and the park headquarters is far from the south entrance, most people use Pak Chong as a starting point to visit Khao Yai Park.

Many travel agencies and hotels offer you the trip from Bangkok, but you can go by your means:

Powered by 12Go Asia system

In minibus

Minibusses depart directly from Victory Monument station in Bangkok to Pak Chong, there are departures every two hours, and the cost is 180 baht.

The best way to get there is to go to the BTS Victory Monument metro station next door.

By bus

Buses leave every half hour or so from the northern terminal of Mo-Chit in Bangkok (about 180 baht).

Pak Chong is on the way to Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), which is the main road to the Isan region, so you are sure to catch a bus easily, make sure there is a stop in Pak Chong.

Moving from Pak Chong to Khao Yai

In Pak Chong, songthaews pass every half hour along the Thanarad Road to the park entrance.

You can also easily rent motorcycles in Pak Chong, for prices between 300 and 500 baht.

A site with reasonable prices:

By train

Trains leave Hualampong station in Bangkok 4 times a day, but the journey takes 4 to 5 hours, so it’s probably not the best way to get there.

To see the train schedules click here.

Other pictures of Khao Yai

Video on Khao Yai

Alexandre and Solenne stayed two days in the jungle of Khao Yai:

Khao Yai map

Housing map

Hotel maps in Khao Yai

Maps of walks and trekking

Map of trekking in Khao Yai

Pak Chong map


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Settled in Thailand since a few years (with trips to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia), I love this country and its inhabitants, the real country of Smiles! Sorry for any translation errors that may occur. Feel free to mention them in the comments, I will correct them. Thank you.

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