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Queen Mother Sirikit of Thailand

by Pierre To
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Queen Sirikit of Thailand

Queen Mother Sirikit is the widow of King Rama IX, who died on 13 October 2016, and the mother of the new King Rama X.

Education, Youth and the Future

She is the daughter of Prince Chandaburi Suranath and Luang Bua Kitiyakaraand the great-granddaughter of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V)She shares her parentage with her husband, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

She was born on 12 August 1932 in the house of Lord Vongsanuprabhandhis maternal grandfather.

Following in her father's footsteps as a young woman, the future Queen of Thailand is first of all in 1946 at his side in Englandwhile he is ambassador to the Royal Palace of Saint James.

The latter being in turn appointed to Paris and then to Copenhagen at Denmark.

Despite all these moves, the young Sirikit Kitiyakorn continues his studies with exemplary consistency and adaptability.

These regular moves also explain why she is now so proficient in French that theEnglish.

Meeting with the King of Thailand

The year 1947 was an important date in her life as it was then that she met His Majesty King Bhumidol Adulyadej, Rama IX à Paris while his father is an ambassador there.

The King and Queen of ThailandThe couple saw each other regularly before the announcement two years later of their official engagement à London.

Their wedding took place on 28 April 1950 at Sra Pathum Palace in Bangkok.

From this union four children were born: the Princess Ubol Ratana (1951), the Prince Vajiralongkorn (1952) (new king), the Princess Sirindhorn (1955) and the Princess Chulaborn (1957).

The Royal Family of ThailandNamed " Sirikit "by the royal decision of Rama VII, Mom Rachawong Sirikit Kitiyakorn also receives the title of Somdet Phranang Chao Phra Borom Rachininat "by becoming the second queen of the Chakri dynasty.

Only six years after her marriage, when her husband fulfilled his monastic obligations between October and November 1956, the Queen took his place, devoting herself fully to her duties for her kingdom and further strengthening her knowledge of etiquette.

Flag of Queen Mother Sirikit

Queen Sirikit's flag

Queen Sirikit's flag

Personal flag of HM Queen Mother Sirikitblue (the colour of Friday, Queen's birthday), the centre depicts Queen Sirikit's royal monogram (ส ก: สิริ กิ ติ์ กิ ติ ยาก ร: Sirikit Kitiyakara), completed by the large victory crown.

Queen Mother Sirikit's charitable duties

She holds a number of charitable positions, including Presidency of the Red Crosswhich ensured his esteem among the people.

Numerous awards have recognized his commitment to the Cambodian refugeesthe environmental protections, the women's living conditions in the countryside, lEducation in rural areas and the promotion of Thai culture.

Queen Sirikit and the German President in 1950.

Queen Sirikit and the German President in 1950.

Anecdote about Queen Mother Sirikit and General De Gaulle

In October 1960, the President De Gaulle takes the King and Queen of Thailand to theOperaduring their state visit.

The General De Gaulle reportedly had a soft spot for the queen and said she was " the most beautiful queen in the world" .

President De Gaulle and the Queen of Thailand at the Opera

President De Gaulle and the Queen of Thailand at the Opera

Mother's Day in Thailand

Adored by her subjects for her loyal support for the King and its constant devotion to the Thai peopletwenty years later, the government changed the national date of the Mother's Day from Thailand to coincide with his birthday on 12 August.

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