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Thailand invents a plate that absorbs fat

by Pierre To
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fat-absorbing plate

To combat obesity problems, the Foundation for Health Promotion in Thailand launches a plate that absorbs fat!

The Thai cuisine is varied, delicious and for the most part very healthy, with many vegetables and herbs.

But it is true that some of the dishes that are often eaten, such as khao pat (fried rice), are sometimes served with too much frying oil.

With obesity-related health problems on the rise, the country is looking for solutions and the fat-absorbing plate could be one of them.

Presentation of the fat-absorbing plate

Zoom sur l'absorbplateThe concept offat-absorbing plate These are small holes in which the excess fat will be lodged.

The inventors claim that this plate, called the absorbplateThe food you eat can absorb up to 7 ml of fat per dish, which is the equivalent of 30 calories that will not end up in your body.

It would also be, according to them, very easy to clean, fortunately because otherwise the plates could smell of rancid grease from the old meal.

Just in case, this plate is not meant for soups 😉

Don't forget the sugar

Drinks in ThailandI believe that the main cause of obesity in Thailand is not only due to the fat in the food but also to the many sugary drinks consumed in the country.

I'm not just thinking of sodas, there are many stalls, often placed near schools, that serve cheap but extremely sweet drinks.

It's so sweet that when I tried to drink one, I couldn't finish, it was saturated with sugar!

I talked to a saleswoman about it and she told me that it was the children who wanted it to be sweet like that, otherwise they would go elsewhere.

There are also "orian" coffees, mainly consumed by the Thai, which are concentrated coffee, mixed with a lot of white sugar, which keeps for a long time and is served with ice cubes.

Is the fat-absorbing plate necessary?

During your travel to ThailandYou won't need this plate, apart from my doubts about its effectiveness, if you eat a variety of foods, you won't get fat.

In fact, most people who go to Thailand tend to lose weight without depriving themselves.

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