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The Gecko tokay, a large lizard and a great singer

by Pierre To
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The Gecko tokay, a large lizard and a great singer

The Tokay Gecko is a large gecko (Gecko gecko), which can reach a size of 35 cm for the largest specimens, native to South East Asia.

Description of the Tokay Gecko

This reptile has a flattened body and large golden eyes with vertical pupils.

The lamellae of its fingers are covered with microscopic curved hairs, the setae, which enable it to grip any surface.

Its grey coat allows it to blend in well with its surroundings. It is dotted with brown spots.

The male is more colourful and imposing than the female.

The base of the male's tail is wider due to the presence of two hemipenises.

It also has V-shaped femoral pores above the cloaca.

The tokay has no mobile eyelids. Its eye is covered by a fused and fixed eyelid.

She protects him and he uses her tongue to clean his eyes.

Gecko tokay male

Gecko tokay male

Tokay Gecko Habitat

This lizard frequents the tropical forest, it is arboreal, but is also often found in or outside homes, it prowls around lamps having understood that this light attracts insects.

Tokay Gecko reproduction

The breeding season lasts 4 to 5 months.

At this point, the male calls out with great fervour.

The female is oviparous and places her eggs on a vertical surface to which they adhere.

High humidity and warmth are necessary for their incubation.

The shell of the eggs hardens quickly and it is impossible to remove them without breaking them.

The eggs are protected by both parents.

Incubation varies with temperature at 28°C, incubation lasts about 10 weeks.

The young grow quickly and can reproduce as early as one year old.

About the Tokaj Gecko

The tokay is very territorial, if you catch one and release it a few kilometres away you are likely to see it return after a while.

Usually only one specimen is found in a house, or sometimes a couple, as it is often the case with reptiles.

Its call is used to warn potential intruders of its presence.

Young tokay gecko

Young tokay gecko

Danger of the Tokay Gecko

Many Thais fear this lizard, which looks harmless to Westerners.

However, this gecko has powerful jaws, so if you try to catch it, it can bite you with force and its bite is painful.

The Song of the Tokay Gecko

Gifted with a voice, the male tokay produces strange sounds, including a "tokay" which gave it its name.

It will always try to "sing" in the place where there is the most echo, the best resonance, and can make you suffer a real ordeal by preventing you from sleeping, if your home is badly designed.

Tokaj song on youtube

Source: Wikipedia ; Photo: 1 Gerald Yuvallos ; male tokay : Hinrich Kaiser; young tokay: Mark O'Shea

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