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MahaNakhon in Bangkok, Thailand’s largest skyscraper

by Pierreto
MahaNakhon in Bangkok

MahaNakhon is the tallest tower in Thailand; this 314-meter high skyscraper is a 77-story building made entirely of glass, designed by the German architect Ole Scheeren.

This tower, with its surprising pixelated design, was built by Bouygues Construction, and work began in 2011 and was completed in 2016.

The Maha Nakhon tower includes 150,000m2 of floor space, with luxurious residences, condos to rent or buy (at a golden price), shops, a Ritz-Carlton hotel, and a rooftop bar at the top that will surely become very popular in Bangkok!

Lighting inauguration of the MahaNakhon tower

On August 29, 2016, to celebrate the end of the work, the pixelized tower was treated to a magnificent light show during an evening that fascinated Bangkokers.

MahaNakhon, a new playground for daredevils!

Lovers of thrills were able to reach the summit before the end of the construction.

They were able to enjoy the fantastic view and be the first to film themselves in balance close to the void.

If your heart is well hooked, don’t get too dizzy then you can watch this video (attention, emotion guaranteed!):

Visit the MahaNakhon Tower

If you go through Bangkok and want to take a ride, you can go by subway via the BTS Chong Nonsi, in the Silom district.

MahaNakhon Tower location on a map of Bangkok

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