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Mobile phones in Thailand: some tips

by Pierre To
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Mobile phone in Thailand

Some tips for mobile phone users in Thailand. Buying or unlocking your phone, useful numbers, operators.

Buying or using your mobile phone in Thailand

If you need to call often to France from Thailand you can buy a mobile phoneYou can find new ones from 15 euros and .

You can also use your own by ensuring it is unlocked (see below) and buying a Thai sim card.

You will find mobile phone shops or accessory anywhere in Thailand, whether it be new, second-hand or Chinese copiesThe choice is very wide and the prices lower than in France.

If you want to buy one, you have to pay attention to fake batteries and make sure if you don't understand English that the French language is available.

For the charger no problem, the electric current in Thailand is 220 volts as in France.

Joining France from Thailand

With a laptopDial 007 or 008 or 009 + 33 + the number of your correspondent without the first 0.

Calling Thailand from France

dial 00 66 and then the Thai mobile number without the zero.

Unlocking your mobile phone

If you wish to use your French mobile phone in Thailand you must ensure that it is unlocked, contact your operator (you must generally be in possession of the phone for more than 6 months).

If you can't get it unlocked in France you can do it in Thailand mainly at Bangkok in the mobile phone shops large shopping centres such as the MBK, Pantip Plaza or Fortuna, it will cost you around 300 bath.

Mobile phone in Thailand: which operator to choose?

There are four main suppliers in Thailand, Dtac and 1-2-call are the most used (think about it if you have to buy a refill in a remote area), then you have AIS and True Move.

I tested the cards with the internet 3g at Dtac and True move and I prefer Dtac. With True move I have had many problems and the customer service is pathetic, the offices are often full to bursting and the staff tired of the many complaints, with Dtac I have never had a problem and the staff are smiling and efficient.

Price of a sim card

A SIM card Prepaid costs from 50 to 200 bath and you can choose your number!

The saleswoman will show you a pack of cards and let you choose, a bit like buying a lottery ticket, the Thai give great importance to numerology.

Price of a refill

Scratch card refills cost 60, 100, 150, 300, or 500 bath

You can also have your mobile phone recharged by giving your number to an accredited merchant or by using a kind of vending machine, not yet widespread but with which the minimum recharge price is 10 bath!


Cost of mobile phone calls in Thailand

National appeal : 3 bath/minute
International appeal : 7 bath/minute

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