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When to go to Bangkok and 6-day weather forecast

To know when to go to Bangkok and follow the 6-day weather forecast for the Thai capital to prepare your trip.

Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate and generally remains warm and humid all year round.

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As it is a large city in which it is easy to travel in air-conditioned taxis or highly air-conditioned subways, and many activities are carried out in covered areas, weather fluctuations do not bother too much, and the city is pleasant all year round.

Afterward, if you intend to visit many open places, such as temples, it may be better to avoid the rainy season, which is the best season for shopping.

When To Travel To Bangkok: the weather in November and March

Between November and March, it is the high season; tourist attendance is particularly high.

December to February are considered the “cool months,” but do not expect freshness during the day; it is always hot, but less than the other months.

In the evening, temperatures can drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

This is the ideal time to explore the city by foot.

In November there is an event not to be missed, one of the most beautiful Buddhist festivals in Thailand:
Loy Kratong, The Festival of Lights or Lantern Festival in Thailand

When to go to Bangkok: time from March to May

These are the hottest months in the capital, but this is not a problem because you will find many air-conditioned places if you want to be cool.

In April, Bangkok celebrates the Thai New Year: Songkran.

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When To Travel To Bangkok: the weather from May to October

It is the rainy season, which is considered the “low season” of Bangkok.

This is the ideal time to visit the city if you are looking for good deals and low prices on hotels and excursions.

Frequent rainfall does not prevent a range of indoor activities such as shopping, visiting aquariums, and temples and entertainment complexes.

Weather in Bangkok: temperature, precipitation, and sunshine over one year

When to Bangkok
Temperature, precipitation and sunlight over one year in Bangkok

Weather in Bangkok: 6-day forecast

Here are the weather forecasts for Bangkok for today and the next five days:

05:5018:47 +07
Feels like: 32°C
Wind: 8km/h NW
Humidity: 84%
Pressure: 1010.16mbar
UV index: 0

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