When to go to Koh Phangan

A summary of the seasons per month to know when to go to Koh Phangan, the best time to visit the island of full moon parties.

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Average weather conditions over Koh Phangan

A quick one-year pictorial summary of the following: When leaving for Koh Phangan: time from December to February

This is the best time to visit the island, and it is also the high tourist season.

So it is better to book accommodation if you are leaving at this time.

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Temperatures can still be hot, but there is also occasional rain, mainly in December, to cool things down a bit!

When to go to Koh Phangan: time from March to June

It is the hot season, it can be very hot, and it doesn’t rain at all or very little.

The high season is ending, the island is quieter and hotels cheaper.

When to go to Koh Phangan: the weather from July to September

It is the beginning of the rainy season.

It is still hot but with refreshing rain.

It is a good time to visit the island without too many tourists and with cooler temperatures.

When to go to Koh Phangan: October to November time

It is the season of rains, storms, but interspersed with sunshine.

It is still hot, and you can have beautiful days.

Care should be taken if you are swimming in cloudy skies, as there may be jellyfish.

They rise to the surface when the sky is cloudy.

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