Ram Muay, a ritual dance before Muay Thai’s fights

Ram Muay is the ritual dance practiced by boxers before a Thai boxing match; it is accompanied by a small orchestra of traditional music.

The Ram Muay (รำมวย) is practiced after the Wai Khru, greeting the teacher.

Wai is the traditional Thai greeting that is also used as a sign of respect.
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Khru means teacher.

Ram is the Thai word for “dancing” in a classical style (for dancing at a night club we will use the word Ten), and muay means boxing.

Upon entering the ring, and after the Wai Kru, the fighters go around counter-clockwise and pray at every corner.

They bow their heads at each corner three times as a salute to Buddha, Rama, and sangha (Buddhist community).

They then begin the ram muay accompanied by a small orchestra composed of a drum, a cymbal and a nasal oboe (pi), which rhythms the dance and the different rounds of the fight.

Ram Muay is a personal ritual at each Muay Thaï school; it often contains clues about the teacher and the origin of the fighter.

Ram Muay before Thai boxing matches,

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