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Thai soups: Tom Yam Kung and Tom Kha Kai

by Pierre To
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Thai soups: Tom Yam Kung and Tom Kha Kai

Here's a video from Trip Gourmand, which shows us the preparation of two Thai soups that are very popular in the country.

The Tom Yam Kung (sweet and sour shrimp soup) and Tom Kha Kai (chicken soup with galangal and coconut milk) are two soups that could also be considered herbal remedies.

The first soup uses mainly lemongrass, the lemon-scented herb and the second of the galangaA plant of the ginger family with a finer, slightly lemony taste.

"A real treat for the taste buds. We saw the making of these two soups with a local man from Pai, a former cook. A very nice moment of sharing.

A video by : Trip Gourmand TV

You can also find these recipes in more detail by following the links:

Lemongrass and shrimp soup : Tom Yam Koung
Recipe for Tom Kha Kai, chicken soup with coconut milk


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