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Shock in Thailand, a female social networking star was actually a man

by Pierre To
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Shock in Thailand, a female social networking star was actually a man

Fans of a high-profile Thai model on social media were shocked to learn that she is a man, following a case of identity theft.

Qa-nan is a well-known social media influencer in Thailand with 2,700,000 followers on TikTok, nearly 1,700,000 on Facebook and 500,000 on Instagram.

The model had recently become known in the international media for auctioning off an old iPhone 12 Pro Max with numerous intimate photos and videos inside.

Qa-nan telephone

Qa-nan gave fans a look at some of the videos and images left on the phone. Photo: Instagram/qanan_kanokyada

A bidding war ensued and one fan offered over 400,000 baht (10,873 euros) for the phone.

But most of her fans thought she was a real woman.

Similarly, the agencies that hired her to promote their products were convinced that she was a woman, as she had a female ID card to prove her identity.

The photo on the ID card did not look like her, but it is generally accepted that people change over time and that plastic surgery can also change appearance.

So no one was aware of his true nature.

Model accused of identity theft

Kanokyada, the identity theft victim and the Qa-nan model

Kanokyada, the identity theft victim and the Qa-nan model

Qa-nan's secret was revealed when the real owner of the ID card, 24-year-old Kanokyada or Joy (surname withheld), came forward after receiving threats of police prosecution.

Joy received several summonses from the police for illegal acts she had not committed.

The police asked Joy to explain his illegal promotion of online gambling and alcohol.

She was also informed by the Revenue Department that she had a huge tax bill.

Joy tried to contact Qa-nan to resolve the problem, but the dummy blocked her contact on all channels.

Joy then asked a non-profit organisation if it could intervene, as she had run out of resources.

Qa-nan's real name was Nanyapon Boonmee.

Joy met Nanyapon when she was still a teenager studying at university.

Joy remembered that Nanyapon had taken a picture of her ID when they were at university, but at the time she didn't think there was anything unusual about it, until Nanyapon contacted her again in 2015 to ask for her ID.

This time Joy refused to give it to her former university friend.

Five years later, Joy was summoned by the police for a complaint about online gambling.

She managed to prove to the police that she had nothing to do with the case and that it was someone else.

But the problems kept recurring, so Joy asked Sai Mai Survive to help her file a complaint with the Sai Mai police station.

Sai Mai is one of the 50 constituencies of Bangkok.

The model recognised the theft.

She justified the theft of Joy's name and identity card because a fortune teller had told her that she would be lucky and successful with that name.

This is indeed what happened.

Kanokyada added that she had legally changed her name from Nanyapon to Kanokyada and her surname to Jitampon, which did not exactly match Joy's surname.

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Source: The Thaiger, Wochenblitz

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