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The 14 best fruits of Thailand with the name in Thai

by Pierre To
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The best fruits of Thailand

Thailand is also the country of fruits, you will find them everywhere, here is a small list of the best fruits of Thailand.

Fruit in Thai : Phon la mailleผลไม้

If there's one country that will encourage you to eat more fruit than usual, it's Thailand.

Not only are the fruits from Thailand are not only inexpensive, but you can find them easily in restaurants and markets.

And if you don't feel like going anywhere, just hail a street vendor who will sell you the chosen fruit cut up into pieces in a plastic bag with a wooden spike for 10 baht.

Your travel to Thailand is also an opportunity to eat a lot more fruit than usual and see the positive effect it will have on your health.

Fruit seller Thailand

Fruit seller and his cart

1. The mangosteen, mang-koutมังคุด

Inside the mangosteen

Inside the mangosteen

For me, it is the best fruit in Thailand, the one I give priority to people who do not know the country, and it is very rich in vitamins.

For the Thai, it is the queen of fruits, or the second best fruit, the first, the king, is the Durian.

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2. Durian, Thourianทุเรียน

DurianIt is the best fruit in the world for many Asians, but it is not unanimously accepted in other cultures.

Some find it stinky and tasteless, others find its smell enchanting and its taste delicious.

The first time I ate it, it reminded me of avocado flesh with less taste, the second time I liked it, but nothing more.

In any case, never use it with alcohol, it can make you sick or kill you!

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3. Papaya, Malakoมะละกอ

PapayaIn Thailand, you can eat the green papaya as a vegetable, in the salad Som Tamfor example, or as a fruit.

The pawpaw is a truly generous tree, it does not just produce a delicious fruit, the juice of its leaves can treat dengue or zikaThe seeds have a peppery taste and are vermifuge.

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4. Mango, Ma Mouangมะม่วง

Glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk

Glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk

Of course, you know mango, but in Thailand you can eat it in a very different way, like with sticky rice and coconut milkor green and crunchy with a mixture of sugar, salt and chilli.

You will also, on many occasions, have the opportunity to drink its fresh, thick juice from the blender, one of the best juices in my opinion.

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5. Dragon fruit (pitaya), Kèow Mang konแก้วมังกร

PitayaMang Kon means dragon in Thai.

A fruit that reminds a bit of the kiwi in its consistency, you may have tasted some bland ones, without too much taste, in Thailand, I had the opportunity to taste some really delicious and sweet ones with a purple flesh.

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6. Watermelon, Taeng Moแตงโม

WatermelonWhen the weather is very hot, there is nothing like watermelon pieces to quench your thirst.

In Thailand, you can find it very easily, as watermelon is one of the fruits that are always present in the carts of street vendors.

7. The Jaque (jackfruit), Ka Nounขนุน

JaqueJackfruit is a sweet fruit that tastes a bit like candy.

It is not worth buying the whole large fruit at a market if you do not know how to do it, the inside contains an extremely sticky part and it is very difficult to cut.

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8. The Longane, Lam Yailleลำไย

LonganeFruit of the lychee and rambutan family, sold in bunches, the taste is very similar to the lychee, the Thai are particularly fond of it.

Longan is rich in vitamin C and potassium

9. The Langsat, langsatteลางสาด

LangsatThe langsat is a small fruit sold in bunches like longans or lychees, but with a very particular taste, between citrus and lychee, surprising and delicious.

The fruit consists of 5 or 6 quarters, with slightly bitter seeds.

10. The Tamarind, makhamมะขาม

TamarindAn acidic fruit used in Thai cooking and particularly useful for constipated people, it is the equivalent of a prune to the power of 10, to be avoided if you have a weak stomach.

On the other hand, there is a variety of tsweet, non-acidic amaranths, the Makham Wan in Thai, which you must try if you have the opportunity, the fruit has the same shape, but the shell is red.

And you can eat it all you want, it won't make you go to the bathroom like normal tamarind.

Sweet tamarind

Sweet tamarind

11. Grapefruit, Som Oส้มโอ

Thai grapefruitI've never been a big fan of grapefruit in France (Citrus paradisi) but I really like Thai grapefruit (Citrus grandis).

Their pretty pink flesh and their sweeter, less bitter taste will make you fall in love!

12. Pineapple, saparotteสับปะรด

PineappleThe small ones are particularly sweet and tasty, and it is also a fruit that is always present in the carts of street vendors.

13. The Java Apple, Chom pouชมพู่

Java appleIt is a crunchy fruit, a little sweet and sour, an original taste, but nothing more.

It should be eaten Thai style, with the mixture of salt, sugar and chilli, which enhances the taste a little.

14. Guava, Farangฝรั่ง

GuavaIn Thai, "foreigner" is called "foreigner". Farang "(see Thai language: vocabulary to know) so it's a word you'll hear often and you'll be able to remember the name of the guava easily.

Guava is a crunchy and refreshing fruit that should also be eaten Thai style, with a mixture of salt, sugar and chilli.

The Sala, Salaสละ

SalaYou will surely be intrigued by this thorn-covered fruit in the markets, which comes from a species of palm tree with trunks covered in large thorns.

The Sala has a special sweet and sour taste, a bit of a medicinal taste, personally I'm not a big fan, but I'm just putting it here for information.

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Photos : Fruit seller : Lynhdan ; Pitaya : Skeeze ; Watermelon : Segobou Jaque: Mullookkaaran; Longuane: Surukuku, Pineapple: Security ; Langsatte : Go place Sweet tamarind : Dinesh Valke Java apple : GkGegk ; Goyave : Liguoze ; Sala: Takeaway

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