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Muay Thai: Thai boxing techniques with illustrations

by Pierre To
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Muay Thai: Thai boxing techniques with illustrations

The different techniques of Muay Thai with illustrations and names of the moves in Thai, English and French to help those who want to learn Thai boxing.

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The Thai boxing is mainly based on four techniques:

  • punches
  • kicks (mainly circular or frontal blows to push the opponent away)
  • elbowing (as formidable as stabbing, only allowed in some professional competitions)
  • Knee strikes

Fist techniques (Muay-mat) in Muay Thai

The action of striking with the fist. There are about ten main forms.

Direct (pistol) fistDirect (pistoned) fist;
in: Straight-punch (jab; cross);
th: หมัดตรง Mat-trong "

in: Hook;
th: หมัดเหวี่ยงสั้น Mat-wiyeng-san

in: Swing;
th: หมัดเหวี่ยงยาว Mat-wiyeng-klap

Reversal in rotationSpinning reverses;
in: Spinning back-fist;
th: หมัดเหวี่ยงกลับ Mat-wiyeng-soy

RemountingGoing up;
in: Uppercut;
th: หมัดเสย (หมัดสอยดาว) Mat-AT

in: Jump-punch;
th : กระโดดชก Kra-tot-chok

in: Overhand-punch;
th : หมัดฮุก Mat-yeip

Foot techniques (Muay-tei) in Thai boxing

in: Front-kick (flip);
th : เตะตรง Tei-trong

Direct (low line)Direct (low line);
in: Front-kick (flip);
th : เตะตรง Tip-paa-maak

Circular (high line)Circular (high line);
in: Roundhouse-kick (high-kick);
th : เตะตัด Tei-kan-kro

Circular (medium line)Circular (medium line);
in: Roundhouse-kick (medium-kick);
th : เตะตัด Tei-chiyang

Circular (low line)Circular (low line);
in: Roundhouse-kick (low-kick);
th : เตะตัด Tei-tat

Semi-circular (medium line)Semi-circular (medium line);
in: Semi-circular (diagonal);
th : เตะเฉียง Tei-rid

Circular wrapped around the shinCircular wound on the tibia;
en: Half-shin, Half knee-kick;
th : เตะครึ่งแ ข้งครึ่งเข่า Tei krueng-kheng krueng-kkao

Circular inside out or crochetedCircular inside out or crocheted;
in: Spinning hook-kick;
th: เตะกลับหลัง Tei-klap-lang

Circular plungeCircular plunging;
in: Down roundhouse-kick;
th : เตะกด Tei-kod

In hammerIn hammer;
in: Hammer-kick;
th: เตะเข่า Tei-kro

Circular skippedCircular skipped;
in: Jump-kick;
th : กระโดดเตะ Kra-tote-tei

Penetrating kicks in Muay Thai

Direct (Piston) FootDirect (piston) foot;
en: Front-kick (straight);
th : ถีบตรง Tip-trong

Lateral (pistoned)Lateral (pistoned);
in: Side-kick;
th: ถีบข้าง Tip-kang

Rear (here in a "piston" shape)Rear (here in a "piston" shape);
in: Back-kick;
th: ถีบกลับหลัง Tip-klap-lang

Drop and hookDrooping and crocheted;
in: Axe-heel-kick;
th: ถีบตบ Tip-kot

Direct jumpDirect jump;
in: Jumping font-kick;
th : กระโดดถีบ Kra-tot-tip

Knee techniques (Muay-khao)

The action of striking with the knee. There are about ten main forms. Their intervention is major in the context of hand-to-hand combat.

Muay Thai: direct kneeDirect knee;
in: Straight-knee -strike;
th : เข่าตรง Khao-trong


in: Diagonal-knee -strike;
th : เข่าเฉียง Khao-chiyang

Side slapSide slap;
in: Knee-slap;
th : เข่าตบ Khao-thop

Direct (penetrating)Direct (penetrating);
in: Knee-bomb;
th : เข่ายาว Khao-youn

Sauté (direct)Sauté (direct);
in: Flying-knee -stike;
th : เข่าลอย Khao-loy

Elbow techniques: Muay-sok in Muay Thai

The action of striking with the elbow. There are about ten main forms: direct, jumping, backhand, circular, diving, rising, etc.

Semi-circular descendingSemi-circular descending;
in: Elbow-slash;
th: ศอกตี Sok-fim and Sok-tei


en: Horizontal-elbow;
th : ศอกตัด Tii-sok

Elbow riseUpward elbow;
in: Uppercut-elbow;
th : ศอกงัด Sok-ngat

Muay Thai: direct elbowDirect elbow;
en: Forward-elbow -thrust;
th: ศอกพุ่ง Sok-poung

Reversed elbowReverse elbow;
in: Reverse-horizontal -elbow;
th: ศอกเหวี่ยงกลับ Sok-klap and Sok-kratoung

in: Spinning-elbow;
th : ศอกกลับ Sok-klap-lang

Descending elbowDescending elbow;
in: Elbow-chop;
th : ศอกสับ Sok-sap

Sauté elbowSauté elbow;
in: Mid-air-elbow -strike;
th : กระโดดศอก Kra-tot-sok

Hand-to-hand techniques in Thai boxing

Hand-to-hand combat, i.e. very close, which consists of direct engagement with the opponent. One can use hand-to-hand combat, for example, to recover physically by "sticking" to the opponent, or on the contrary, hit the opponent with knees in the flanks and thighs.

Spraying and mowing techniques

Projection The action of throwing the opponent's body to get out of hand-to-hand combat (without passing the hip).

Mowing The action of knocking an opponent off balance or down with a low, circular kick.

Blocking and seizure techniques

Blocking The action of preventing a blow from reaching its intended point (blocking with the arm or shin).

Input The action of taking a blow with the hand(s) in a quick movement to hold it and counterattack.

Dodge techniques in Muay Thai

Body movement to deftly avoid a blow.

Example: To avoid a low-kick or middle-kick, pull back the foot and then attack by swinging the hip and leg outwards; then re-attack with a middle-kick or low-kick.

Muay Thai: blocking with both forearms in a jab to the bodyBlocking with both forearms during a jab to the body

Covering with both gloves during a face jabCovering with both gloves during a face jab

Deflection of a jab with the palm of the gloveDeflection of a jab with the palm of the glove

Neutralize the weapons by sticking to themNeutralize weapons by going to stick (hand-to-hand)

Covering with the arm and glove during a high-kickCovering with the arm and glove during a high-kick

Absorption of a low kick associated with a counter in direct plungingAbsorption of a low kick associated with a counter in direct plunging

Muay Thai: parrying with both gloves at an opponent's high-kickParrying with both gloves at an opponent's high-kick

Muay Thai: Stopping an opponent's attackStopping an opponent's attack

Muay Thai (Thai boxing) terms

Muay bang - parrying and dodging techniques
Bang Mat : Parry with the hand (Blocked or chased parry with the front or back hand)
Bang Tei : Parry with the leg (Blocked parry of the front or back leg)
Bang Sok : Elbow parry (Blocked front or back elbow parry)
Bang Khao : Parry with the knee (Blocked or chased parry with the front or back knee)
Yok Toa Lop: dodge without moving the supports (dodge without moving the supports, lateral, front, back, by bending the trunk or by bending the lower limbs)
Lop Tchak : Dodge with displacement of supports (Dodge with displacement of one support by a step back, side step, pivot step or by a withdrawal of one support).

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Source: http://fr.wikipedia.org ; Drawings: Alain Delmas

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