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Thailand bar owner knocks out deadbeat Russian tourist

by Pierre To
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La patronne d'un bar de Thaïlande met K.O. un touriste mauvais payeur

A bar owner in Pattaya, eastern Thailand, punched a Russian tourist in the face when he refused to pay his 60-baht bill.

Jane, the 53-year-old owner of the Bonzi Bar in the south of PattayaShe apparently did not hesitate to admit that she was the one who hit the tourist.

She explained that the tourist had started the altercation by first slapping her in the face.

The Russian, identified only as "Michael", was on the ground and unconscious when police arrived at the scene.

Jane told Pattaya Mail that Michel ordered a beer and tried unsuccessfully to hit on all the ladies in the bar.

Then he tried to leave without paying.

She says they had an argument and she hit and beat him until he was knocked out.

Michel was surrounded by customers and operators of the Bonsai Bar when Sawang Boriboon's rescuers arrived at 2.30am on 13 January.

The tourist, aged about 50, was dazed and confused and had suffered multiple non-life threatening injuries, he was covered in blood.

Police later warned Jane that hitting "deadbeat" Russians was bad for Pattaya's image.

Source: The Pattaya News

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