Using a toilet without toilet paper in Thailand

As in many Asian countries, there is no toilet paper in the toilets in Thailand; the inhabitants use water to clean themselves. I will explain here how to do it.

The right hand must remain clean

First of all, it should be known that in Thailand as in many countries, it is more polite to take food with the right hand, you have to offer a gift with the right hand, show something or someone with the right hand, it is part of the basic rules of politeness because the left hand is the one used to clean up during the big commission.

Toilet paper is used in Thailand as a towel, it is often found on restaurant tables, and it is rare to see it in the toilet!

How to use a toilet without toilet paper

Usually, you have two tubs or buckets of water in the bathrooms, the small tub near the toilets is used as a flush and the large tub for showering.

Thai WC with water tank
WC thaï with a water tank

It is important to remember that in general, you use your right hand to take a shower or bowl and your left hand to clean yourself.

So you do your business and can make them go away as you go along using the bowl and water from the small pool.

Once you have finished your business, you will find either a hand shower or a bowl.

With your right hand holding the hand shower (be careful of the power of the jet!) or the bowl, you moisten the area and with the other hand, the left, you clean yourself.

Thai shower
Bac of water to take a shower

If you do not have a hand shower but only a bowl with the small bowl (in a bus station for example), as the water in this bowl is often not very clean, use it only to get your things out and fill the bowl with tap water to clean yourself.

Some people run the water during the operation to cover the noise.

Once you get used to this way, you will find it much cleaner than using toilet paper!

A fun video on the benefits of using the hand shower

The example with the chocolate bowl should make you think! 😉

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Settled in Thailand since a few years (with trips to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia), I love this country and its inhabitants, the real country of Smiles! Sorry for any translation errors that may occur. Feel free to mention them in the comments, I will correct them. Thank you.

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