A 10-foot python bites his penis while he's in the toilet

Attaporn Boonmakchuay will never go to the toilet again in complete serenity, this 38-year-old Thai man was bitten by a python on his genitals while he was quietly sitting doing his business!

Video of the man bitten on the penis by a phyton

The snake grabbed part of his penis with his jaw and he had a hard time getting rid of it.

He had to be taken to hospital because he was losing a lot of blood and stitches were necessary.

Terror in toilets

Attaporn Boonmakchuay tells us:

“I struggled and called my wife who went to pick up the neighbor.

And suddenly, as I was holding it, the snake started to squeeze less tightly.

With my hand I opened his mouth and he finally let go.

After ridding his sex of the snake’s jaw and while he was bleeding heavily, Attaporn managed to completely free himself from the snake by hanging his head on the handle of the toilet door.

Doctors at Chachoengsao Hospital, near Bangkok, say he was lucky that the bite did not touch the urinary tract because otherwise it could have been more serious, he will have no sequelae other than his scars.

Attaporn will remember his misadventure every time he goes to the bathroom!

A python that is hard to dislodge

The rescuers had to break the toilets to get the snake out of the pipes.

It is common to find large snakes of this kind, even in urban areas in Thailand, especially during the rainy season when as the fields are flooded they look for drier places.

No panic to have!

Even if it can happen to you during your trip to Thailand, it is still extremely rare and unless you have a sanibrator in your toilet, or install a grid in the pipes, difficult to prevent!

Keep an eye on the area at all times and be prepared to defend yourself in the event of suspicious movement.

It is also possible, as we are in a Buddhist country where most of the inhabitants believe in reincarnation, that the python is a former reincarnated mistress who wanted revenge…

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