A crocodile farm closed in Pattaya because of shocking pictures!

A wildlife center was closed to the public after the release of shock photos showing tourists on a raft amid crocodiles!

It is in the Elephant Kingdom park of Pattaya that a Thai tourist was shocked by a rather dangerous attraction:

It allowed customers in need of a strong feeling to find themselves on a raft in the middle of hundreds of hungry crocodiles.

The Thai tourist, who works as a motorcycle taxi at Bangkok, then published on his Twitter account photos in which we can see visitors feeding the great saurians (the park counts 4300 crocodiles !) on a small wooden raft.

Video from the farm to Pattaya’s crocodiles

Tourists have fun giving pieces of fish to animals with small fishing rods!

The Twitter photos caused a controversy that reached the government’s ears, which then closed the attraction center for security breaches.

Pattaya Crocodile FarmAfter the closure of this attraction and that of the Tiger Temple, what else will they invent to satisfy the visitors’ need for an intense sensation?


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