A Chicken has been living without head for 10 days in central Thailand!

A chicken incredibly resistant lives without his head for ten days after being ripped off by a dog.

This bird who lives without head made the headlines in Thailand a few days ago, and everyone thought the animal was going to die quickly.

Today chicken is talking about hitself again because, after ten days, the bird is still alive to the general surprise!

It is in the province of Ratchaburi, in central Thailand, that this headless chicken lives.

He has since been adopted by Buddhist monks who feed it with a syringe.

According to Noppong Thitthammo, who talked about it on his Facebook account, a veterinarian in Ratchaburi fed him and gave him antibiotics, which only partly explains this miracle.

Supakadee Arun Thong, the veterinarian, said that as long as he wants to live, they will take care of his.

The monks say they are happy to be able to take care of them,

The chicken who lives without a head is not the first

It is not the first time that a gallinaceous animal has survived so long without a head, an American chicken nicknamed Mike has lived 18 months without a head!

At first, no one believed this story; it took the owner to take him to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City with his headless chicken for the information to be confirmed.

The survival of this headless chicken is scientifically explainable

The motor brain of gallinaceous plants is located in a lower part of the skull.

If the head is cut high enough at the neck, some of the essential automatic functions, such as breathing, remain intact.

And the jugular has not been broken so that the bird can survive.

Videos of the headless chicken

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