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Unusual - He robs a gold shop and returns to sell the loot where he stole it

by Pierre To
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Gold thief Thailand

With the new year just beginning, a Thai robber may have already won the title of the stupidest thief of 2020!

Seuppong Wongboriphat, a 36-year-old Thai man, has been arrested after trying to sell gold jewellery in the same shop where he stole it.

He told the police that he had gone to Bangkok to open a café but the economy being what it is, his plan fell through.

He therefore decided to return to his home province of Sisaket in the north-east of Thailand.

Things were difficult there - he had no job and no money.

So he decided to rob a gold shop on 5 December.

He fled with 75 grams of gold (about 3,000 euros) from the Yaowarat shop in Uthum Pornphisai district.

He then went to 8 different gold shops in the area to collect his loot but none of them gave him the full value.

With the financial demands of the New Year approaching, he finally decided that the only way to get the asking price would be to go back to the shop where he had stolen it.

After all, they wouldn't remember him after four weeks had passed.

He had it all wrong, because if a shopkeeper can forget the face of a customer, it is more difficult to forget the face of a robber!

The shop owner recognised him immediately and made him talk while the police were secretly called.

Seuppong is now in custody.

The Daily News reported that he had just been released from prison in November after being charged with drug trafficking.

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Source: Daily News

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